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To select a size on the designer’s size chart, you need the following measurements:

  1. Bust: The bust measurement is taken at the fullest part of the bust wearing only a bra or a very thin fabric over a bra. Be sure that the measuring tape is straight across the back area.
  2. Waist: The waist measurement is taken a little differently. Bend slightly at the waist to one side and place the measuring tape where your waist creases. Do not place the tape where you normally wear the waist of your clothing because many clothes are cut with a slightly raised or dropped waist, which is different than a true waist size. Measure around your waist at this point only.
  3. Hip: To measure your hip, measure around the fullest part of your hip. This measurement is usually taken 7 to 9 inches below the point you measured your true waist.

For the most accurate measurements, you should wear undergarments similar to those you intend to wear with your dress. We highly recommend getting your measurements taken by a professional. However, if you are unable to be professionally measured, it is important that another person assists you in taking measurements as it will be very different if you take them yourself.

Please see the guide below to help measure yourself.


The following are possible factors affecting hollow to hem measurements:

  • Breast size
  • Push-up bra as opposed to regular bra
  • Hip size
  • Shoes to be worn on wear date (height of heel)
  • Platform used to take measurements (heels might sink into carpet)

Once you have taken your measurements, refer to the designer’s size chart that applies to your garment. The designer’s size charts show the approximate measurements they use to make each size. Compare your measurements to the size chart to determine the correct size.

If you cannot match your exact measurements to all three measurements indicated on the size chart, we suggest ordering according to the largest measurement. Remember, garments can be taken in, but taking them out depends on the seam allowances, which in most cases are very slim.