How Much Does the Average Wedding Dress Cost?

How much does the average wedding dress cost? In this article, we’ll take a look at the industry average. Soon, you’ll have an understanding of what this aspect of your wedding will cost you - and what you can do to chisel away at that cost and save as much money as possible, staying well within your budget.

When you shop at Avery Austin, you can expect to pay less than half the average cost of a wedding dress - while still enjoying the same great salon quality you deserve. And, you’ll enjoy a host of other benefits as well. 

Weddings are an expensive ordeal. Your budget is getting pulled in all sorts of directions - from venue to caterers, flowers, gifts, and more. You need to stay within budget - but you don’t want to compromise on quality. Stay tuned for the end of this article as we’ll explain how you can do just that.

First, how much does the average wedding dress cost? And is there a way to find affordable wedding dress options without compromising on quality? 

How Much Does the Average Wedding Dress Cost?

Let’s cut right to the chase–what is the average cost of a wedding dress? According to a survey done online, the average cost of a wedding dress last year was $1,800, though this figure hasn’t changed much in recent years. 

This is a sizable chunk of money, which might even be as much as your rent or mortgage payment–and likely more than you’ve ever paid for any item of clothing! So, what exactly makes wedding dresses so expensive, and are there ways for brides to find a stunning wedding gown that’s also affordable? 

What is the Average Cost of a Wedding Dress Affected By?

Each of these elements can impact the price of a wedding dress to varying degrees. So, it’s important for brides to be aware of these factors as they begin their search for their dream wedding gown in order to avoid surprises at the register. 

Alterations and Custom Additions

If the bride wants to change the neckline, bring in the waist, or change the sleeves of their chosen wedding gown, they can expect to pay a price for these alterations. 

Plus, some gowns that have more elements and embellishments like beading, appliques, and lace tend to be pricier while simpler dresses cost less. The more time & effort that goes into creating your gown, the more expensive it will be.

Level of Craftmanship

In general, wedding dresses that are handmade will be more expensive than the gowns that are manufactured. Not to mention, fabrics that are more luxurious and rare will often make the dress more expensive. Synthetic fibers are on the lower end of pricing compared to silks and satins, which plays an important role in how much wedding dresses cost. In general, materials that are harder to source will come at a higher price tag, so brides should be aware of this before they begin their wedding dress search. 

With that said, we do things a bit differently at Avery Austin. Our quality and level of craftsmanship is comparable at a much lower cost. This is possible through our decades of experience in the bridal industry. 

Brand Name

Luxurious designers will often price their wedding dresses higher than some of the lesser-known vendors simply because of name recognition. Even if a dress made by a major designer is simpler in design and has fewer embellishments, it still may cost much more than an intricately-designed wedding gown that’s available off-the-rack. 

Region of the Country

Where you’re at in the country may also determine how much you’ll spend on a wedding dress. For those in the Mid-Atlantic region, dresses can cost over $2,000, while brides in the Midwest tend to spend on the lower end near $1,600. 

Rush Orders

Many brides are unsure of how long it takes to order a wedding dress and if it will arrive in time for their big day. Miscalculations with timing, materials that are back-ordered, or some other supply chain snag can force brides to resort to making a rush order to get their wedding dress delivered in time with all the proper alterations and details added.

Of course, this will often come at a price. Thus, it’s important to start shopping for your gown early so you can avoid paying rushed delivery fees. And, if you’re wondering when you should buy your wedding dress, we recommend starting the shopping process at least 6 months before your wedding date.

How to Get a Wedding Dress Below the Average Cost: at Avery Austin

Now that you know the average cost of a wedding dress - $1,800 - and the factors affecting it, you’re probably wondering if there is any way to find a dress below this figure. After all, you’ve got plenty of other costs to factor into making your dream wedding a reality. The last thing you want to do, though, is sacrifice on quality and end up disappointed when you look back at photos of the moment. Fortunately, you won’t have to do that when you shop at Avery Austin. And you’ll stay well within your budget.

Here at Avery Austin, we offer salon-quality wedding gowns to fit every style, budget, size, and aesthetic. With a wide range of wedding dresses under $1000 and wedding dresses under $500, any bride can find the dress of her dreams to walk down the aisle in. And, you won’t have to take on any undue financial stress to do it.

Plus, unlike other traditional wedding dress boutiques and salons, we offer inclusive sizing at no extra cost in our collection of plus size bridal gowns. We’re on a mission to transform the bridal dress industry for the better. To do that, we’ve cut costs where possible and implemented a direct-to-consumer approach. This cuts out the middlemen that riddle the traditional bridal salon experience, and translates into savings for brides.

If the average cost of a wedding gown has you overwhelmed, you can take a deep breath now and relax - you’re in good hands at Avery Austin! 

Other Reasons to Choose Avery Austin for Your Wedding Gown

If the affordability factor alone isn’t enough to sell you on an Avery Austin wedding gown, consider some of the other amazing features of our dresses that you’re going to love. 

Salon Quality Gowns You’ll Feel Stunning Wearing

The great thing about Avery Austin is you don’t have to compromise on style and quality when finding a budget-friendly wedding gown. With high-tier fabrics, styles, and designs, all of our brides love how they look and feel when wearing an Avery Austin wedding dress. You get salon-quality without the price tag.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Another amazing perk of working with Avery Austin is you’ll have access to our wonderful and qualified team of bridal experts that will help guide you through the wedding dress purchase process from start to finish. Our team will make you feel confident in your online purchase, and help take the guessing game and stress out of wedding dress shopping.

They will ask you a number of questions about your big day and really put the time and care into getting the right idea about the vision you have for your wedding. With these details, they’ll help you select three different wedding dress that they’ll send to you so you can try on wedding dresses at home!

Industry-Leading 9-Week Delivery Time

Lastly, when shopping with Avery Austin, you won’t have to worry about cutting it close with your delivery date. With our dependable 9-week delivery time, you can be sure that you’ll be dressed to impress in the wedding gown of your dreams as you head to the altar. 

Plus, you can get your wedding dress even faster with our ready to ship wedding dresses, which are already in-stock and waiting to be sent to your home. 

How Much Does the Average Wedding Dress Cost? Bringing Things to a Close

If you came here wondering what is the average cost of a wedding dress and where you can go to find affordable options that still bring the wow factor, we hope you have your answer. While some brides will spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress, you can find gowns of the same quality and style for well under $1,000 - or even $500! 

With salon-worthy styles and materials, all at an affordable price, Avery Austin wedding dresses continue to beat out the competition. Plus, with inclusive sizing at no extra cost, we have the perfect wedding dress for all brides to walk down the aisle in - no matter your figure, no matter your preferences, no matter your budget.

Visit Avery Austin today to get started with one of our bridal experts, and find the wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of. You’ll be glad you did when you look and feel your best walking down the aisle!