Long Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop this collection of long bridesmaid dresses for a variety of formal designs. Flowing to floor length, these bridesmaid gowns come in a range of silhouettes, fabrics, and colors for any formal wedding.


How Long Should a Bridesmaid’s Dress Be?

Traditionally bridesmaids are supposed to wear long dresses, and while many wedding parties still stick with this tradition, there’s more flexibility for modern-day weddings. When it comes to choosing how long your bridesmaid dress should be, it’s best to consider how formal the wedding will be. Here are some suggestions for formal, semi-formal, and casual weddings.

  • Formal Weddings: Floor-length bridesmaid dresses are best suited to fancy nuptials. Since long bridesmaid dresses are the traditional length and provide a naturally elegant air, they’re the top choice for formal weddings. If the bride (who makes the rules for her own wedding) decides to go the less common route and chooses a short length, it’s best to go for designs with stunning embellishments or features to match the formal vibe of the wedding.
  • Semi-Formal Weddings: Bridesmaid gowns for semi-formal weddings should be a half-way point between daily wear and fancy attire. This means that bridesmaid dresses with long skirts are still a top pick, but if the bridal party prefers a shorter, knee-length style, that fits right in too.
  • Casual Weddings: A casual wedding is laidback by nature, so any length goes! Short styles are much more common for bridal parties at a casual celebration, but that doesn’t mean they can’t wear long bridesmaid dresses! In this case, think maxi styles in comfortable, everyday fabrics and maybe even fun prints that suit the wedding theme.

If you’ve decided on floor-length bridesmaid dresses, then you’ll want to explore Avery Austin’s collection of long bridesmaid dresses above. In rich fabrics like smooth satin, soft chiffon, or delicate lace, these long bridesmaid gowns are formal and fabulous. With a range of sleeve or strap designs, necklines, and features available, these long bridesmaid dresses are beautifully designed for every bridal theme and wedding party style.