Most Popular Wedding Dresses

Discover the most popular wedding dresses offered by Avery Austin. Highly sought after by our brides, the styles in this collection are some of the best wedding dresses available online.


What is the Most Popular Wedding Dress Style?

The most popular wedding dress style is the a-line bridal gown. Closely following the a-line silhouette, mermaid styles are also one of the most popular bridal gowns. Pair up one of those silhouettes with a favorite feature or fabric, like v-neckline or lace, and you’ve got an even more popular wedding gown design! Read on to see why these styles are the best wedding dresses each year.

Most Popular Wedding Dress Styles

  • A-Line Wedding Gowns: With a fitted bodice and loose, flowing skirt, a-line dresses flatter just about everyone, so it’s no wonder they are one of the most popular wedding gowns! You’ll find styles with subtle, graceful flare from the waistline, as well as full, elegant ball gowns. They also come in a variety of necklines and fabrics to suit any personal preference or wedding theme. To exclusively shop this gorgeous silhouette, check out Avery Austin’s a-line wedding dress collection.
  • Mermaid Wedding Gowns: Since many brides are looking for sultry, fitted styles for their wedding day, some of the most popular bridal gowns feature the mermaid silhouette. Hugging the curves down to the knees, mermaid styles are the best way to show off your figure. To narrow your options to just this sexy silhouette, shop Avery Austin’s mermaid wedding dress collection.
  • Lace Wedding Gowns: Lace is such a versatile fabric and lends itself beautifully to a variety of designs and wedding themes. From bohemian to beach settings or vintage to modern styles, lace creates some of the best and most popular wedding dresses. Look only at lace styles when you shop Avery Austin’s lace wedding dress collection.
  • V-Neck Wedding Gowns: From a slight dip to a dramatic plunge, v-necklines are popular for both modest and sexy bridal styles. This versatility combined with the visually slenderizing effect offered by the pointed v-shape makes v-neck gowns some of the most popular wedding gowns available. Love this neckline? Focus your shopping efforts on this favorite feature by checking out Avery Austin’s v-neck wedding dress collection.

Now that you know which styles are the hottest picks, it’s time to explore the most popular wedding dresses offered by Avery Austin. The collection above features some of the best wedding dresses online according to our brides. Shop these popular bridal gowns to find a style that flatters you.