Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

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Do Bridesmaids Wear Pink?

If it’s the bride’s wish, her bridesmaids wear pink bridesmaid dresses for the wedding. In fact, both dark and light pink bridesmaid dresses continue to hold sway among the top bridal party colors chosen each year. Wondering why pink bridesmaid dresses are so popular every year? Here are a few reasons this hue has withstood the test of time.

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses…

  • Have Beautiful Symbolism. The color pink has different meanings in many cultures, and many of those representations offer meaningful opportunities to express deep feelings as part of the wedding. In Japan, pink is the color of cherry blossom trees, representing spring and the renewal of life, while in India, pink is worn to welcome newcomers and stands for hospitality at its finest. Western beliefs consider pink to be feminine, and therefore representative of love and romance. Having the bridal party wear pink bridesmaid dresses could encompass any one of these meanings and more if you wish to incorporate that into your wedding theme!
  • Come in a Variety of Shades. There are blush pink bridesmaid dresses, as well as pale pink bridesmaid dresses in pastel hues, that fit right in at spring or outdoor nuptials. If bold and bright is more what you need for your wedding, there are hot pink bridesmaid dresses to help you channel a hip and energetic vibe for the big day. You’ll also find darker, more muted shades for a demure, elegant look. If that’s more your style, consider dusty rose or mauve bridesmaid dresses.
  • Suit Many Wedding Themes. Just picture the beautiful contrast of light pink bridesmaid dresses against a backdrop of greenery for a garden wedding. Imagine a rustic outdoor celebration in neutral hues vibing with pale rose pink bridesmaid dresses. Planning a destination beach wedding? Dark pink bridesmaid dresses in mauve or deep pink stand out against the sand and sea, while light pink bridesmaid dresses in blush or pale rose give off the feel of a pastel beach sunset. Wherever your venue or however glamorous or relaxed your theme, there’s a pink hue that’s sure to complement it.

Ever the popular shade, pink is most certainly an acceptable, go-to color for bridesmaids! When you’re ready to shop the best pink bridesmaid dresses, scroll up to explore Avery Austin’s collection. Featuring a range of light to dark pink bridesmaid dresses, Avery Austin’s styles offer a variety of classic and modern silhouettes, fabrics, and designs.