Plus-Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop the plus-size bridesmaid dresses at Avery Austin for gorgeous designs that flatter every body type. From flowing silhouettes to curve-hugging styles, this collection of plus-size bridesmaid gowns offers flattering looks the whole bridal party will enjoy wearing.


5 Tips for Plus-Size Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

Make the most of every beautiful, curvy figure in the bridal party by shopping carefully and considerately for bridesmaid dresses in plus sizes. Since every woman, full-figured or petite, has her own unique shape and style, narrowing plus-size bridesmaid gown options can seem like quite the challenge, but these five tips will make shopping for plus-size bridesmaid dresses fun and easy for the whole bridal party.

  1. Find Flattering Silhouettes: It’s a given that every bridal party member wants to look and feel her best for the wedding day, and a great way to do that is to search for silhouettes that look great on everyone, no matter their body types. For example, focusing on plus-size bridesmaid dresses with the a-line shape is guaranteed to look great on most (if not all) of the curvy ladies in the wedding party.
  2. Give Bridesmaids a Say: Nobody will know each bridesmaid’s style and fashion comfort zone better than the bridesmaids themselves, so if you’re the bride, be sure to check in! Ask what styles, fabrics, colors they prefer and consider how those preferences might work within your dream wedding theme. If you’re the bridesmaid, don’t hesitate to speak up! Let the bride know if you prefer plus-size bridesmaid gowns that are sleeved for comfortable coverage, loose and flowy, snug and fitted around your natural curves.
  3. Keep Shapewear in Mind: Many full-figured bridesmaids plan to include some type of shapewear under their gowns, so they’ll need to shop for plus-size bridesmaid dress styles that fit comfortably over shapewear. Be sure to have it handy for shopping and fittings to get the best idea of the overall look and fit!
  4. Have Extra Fabric: Knowing that there are likely alterations in the future for most of the bridal party, it’s handy to have extra fabric on hand. While many bridal shops do not provide extra fabric, there are a few ways to handle this challenge. Try to order all of the bridesmaid dresses, including plus sizes, at the same time (preferably as one order) so that there is minimal, if any, variation in color between the dresses. Then if some bridesmaids get a lot cut from the bottom for hemming or other areas, the extra fabric could be shared among the bridal party members as needed. At Avery Austin, it’s also possible to customize the hollow-to-hem length! That means you could order a plus-size bridesmaid gown at a petite, standard, or tall length to either minimize alterations or have extra fabric that’s trimmed away during hemming.
  5. Avoid Extra Fees for Plus Sizes: One of the biggest challenges in the dress industry is that women are expected to pay extra for plus sizes because of a minor increase in fabric and other design materials. Keeping things fair and affordable for bridesmaids of all shapes and sizes, Avery Austin’s above selection of bridesmaid dresses in plus sizes are priced exactly like every other size offered in the same style.
  6. Allow Plenty of Time: Keep in mind that special order bridesmaid gowns can take up to 3 months to receive from most bridal shops, or only 2 months from Avery Austin! Of course, it is possible to get in-stock plus-size bridesmaid dresses from Avery Austin too. If you need your dress extra fast, be sure to look for ready-to-ship styles. Simply select the color and size of the gown, and the availability and an estimated shipping or delivery date will show so you can easily prep for the wedding on a tight timeline.

When you’re looking into bridesmaid dresses for plus sizes, you want the most flattering, stylish, and affordable designs so everyone looks and feels great on the wedding day. Avery Austin’s collection of plus-size bridesmaid dresses above offers the latest salon-quality styles at prices the whole bridal party will appreciate. Whatever the bridal theme, these bridesmaid dresses in plus sizes come in so many luxurious designs that it will be hard to settle for just one style!