Bridal and Bridesmaid Fabric Swatches

Order the fabric bridal and bridesmaid swatches below to check out popular Avery Austin dress fabrics and colors in person. Seeing and feeling these fancy formal fabrics is as easy as buying any of the wedding swatches below for only $1 each.


    5 Reasons Buying Fabric Wedding Swatches is a Must

    Buying fabric wedding swatches is key to making sure all of the colors and fabrics are exactly the way you’ve dreamed, especially if you’ll be ordering wedding and bridesmaid dresses online. Whether you’ll be shopping at a bridal salon or online, there are a few perks to having fabric swatches. Here are Avery Austin’s top 5 reasons to order fabric bridal and bridesmaid swatches.

    With Fabric Wedding Swatches, You Can…

    1. Confirm the Color Off-Screen. Having fabric bridal and bridesmaid swatches in your hand can make all the difference, since colors can look very different on a screen. Looking at a wedding dress on your phone, you might not be able to see the subtle differences between ivory, ivory/nude, ivory/champagne, ivory/sand, and ivory/blush. Having the different bridal swatches in front of you makes it easier to notice the change in hues between each option. Even in person, it’s a good idea to put bridal and bridesmaid swatches in different lighting situations to get the best feel for the colors. Take a swatch outside to see the color in the sun, or bring it into the venue itself and imagine how the wedding party dresses will look under indoor lights. Consider photographing the swatches in the different lighting options to see how the color presents itself in each scenario.
    2. Compare Dress Fabrics. If you’re shopping online and are less familiar with bridal fabrics, this is one of the biggest perks to buying fabric wedding swatches. For example, you no longer have to guess at the differences between chiffon, lush chiffon, and lux chiffon when you can compare fabric swatches for each. Wondering if glitter knit bridesmaid dresses shed sparkles? Handling the swatch can answer your question!
    3. Narrow Your Options. Maybe you haven’t quite settled on a favorite wedding color or dress fabric yet. Get a few fabric swatches in the fabrics and colors you’re considering, then compare them by look and touch. That can help you eliminate any that are less appealing to you in person than they are online.
    4. Plan Your Wedding Color Palette. With fabric swatches in all of the colors you’re considering, you can easily pair them up, mix and match, and explore the possibilities for your wedding. You can envision the dresses themselves, as well as consider coordinating hues for flowers or decor.
    5. Color Coordinate. Once you’ve settled on your wedding color palette, it’s much easier to color coordinate. Consider getting several fabric swatches in your chosen colors so that you can share them with your wedding party (to keep bridesmaids, grooms, mothers, and flower girls in sync) and even wedding vendors. Sharing with a florist means getting just the right bouquets and centerpieces in matching hues, and caterers with your color swatches can ensure that all the table linens will suit the decor. Got a wedding planner? Be sure to slip any bridal or bridesmaid fabric swatches their way too!

    When you shop Avery Austin for your wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses, you can easily purchase as many fabric swatches as you need for only $1 each. Affordably priced and available in all of the most popular colors and fabrics available at Avery Austin, these fabric wedding swatches will make it easy to turn your bridal vision into a reality.