Beaded Bridesmaid Dresses & Sequin Bridesmaid Gowns

Shop beaded bridesmaid dresses and sequin bridesmaid gowns at Avery Austin for a dazzling wedding party vibe. From metallic bridesmaid dresses in gold or silver hues to sparkly bridesmaid dresses with intricate beading or sequin prints, this collection is shimmering with style.


Can Bridesmaids Wear Sequin Dresses?

If the bride gives her blessing, then bridesmaids can absolutely wear sequin dresses. In fact, many popular wedding themes call for the shimmer and shine of sequin bridesmaid gowns. Glamorous wedding themes feature over-the-top luxury and sparkle in spades, so sequin bridesmaid dresses are top picks for that theme. Bridesmaid dresses with just a hint of sequins or beading add just the right touch of glimmer for rustic or romantic wedding themes. Whether the celebration calls for a dash of glitz or full-on glam, brides often ask their bridal party to choose sparkly sequin bridesmaid dresses for their weddings.

In search of sparkly bridesmaid dresses? Look no further than Avery Austin’s collection of beaded bridesmaid dresses and sequin bridesmaid gowns. In the assortment above, discover beautiful lace styles enhanced by shimmering beadwork, as well as tulle gowns embellished by gorgeous sequin prints. There are classic metallic bridesmaid dresses in gold, silver, or bronze hues and chic beaded bridesmaid gowns available in a rainbow of popular colors. Whatever style or shade your prefer, these sparkly beaded bridesmaid dresses and sequin bridesmaid gowns are sure to please.