Plus-Size Wedding Dresses with Sweetheart Necklines

Shop Avery Austin’s collection of plus-size wedding dresses with sweetheart necklines for both classic and modern looks that flatter. In a variety of styles, fabrics, and bridal hues, these plus-size sweetheart wedding dresses are beautifully designed for curvy brides.


4 Perks to Sweetheart Necklines on Plus-Size Wedding Dresses

Besides being a classic bridal neckline, the sweetheart neckline is especially flattering on plus-size wedding dresses. Working beautifully with your natural curves, plus-size sweetheart wedding dresses are favorites among curvy brides. Here are four benefits that show you why plus-size wedding dresses with sweetheart necklines are so popular.

Plus-Size Sweetheart-Neckline Wedding Dresses Are…

  1. Visually Slenderizing: The exposed décolletage above a sweetheart neckline draws the eyes up to the bust, neck, and shoulders. This eye movement creates the illusion of a longer, leaner look.
  2. Balanced: While the curved neckline immediately draws eyes up to it, the dip at the center of the heart shape then directs the eyes back down to the waist and hips, taking in the full feminine silhouette in a balanced, graceful sweep.
  3. Flattering for the Bustline: Whether you find yourself blessed with a small or large bust, a plus-size sweetheart-neckline wedding dress will flatter you! For curvy brides with a full bust, the sweetheart neckline gives a hint of cleavage for a sexy look, but also provides plenty of support, coverage, and rounded edges to enhance the shape of your natural curves. The rounded sides of the neckline can also create the illusion of curves for brides with smaller busts.
  4. Sexy or Modest: Ever heard of the “modified sweetheart neckline” while dress shopping? A plus-size wedding dress with a modified sweetheart neckline simply means that the classic heart shape has been changed slightly. The most common modification is the depth of the neckline dip. It can be modified for a bolder, sexy plunge (like a v-neck style) or a softer, less dramatic dip to minimize cleavage for a modest look.

Already falling in love with sweetheart necklines? Then the plus-size wedding dresses in this collection are perfect for you! Explore Avery Austin’s assortment of affordable plus-size wedding dresses with sweetheart necklines to find a style that perfectly flatters you for a comfortable and stylish look on your wedding day.