Lace Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop these lace bridesmaid dresses for elegant designs that are timeless. Avery Austin’s collection features vintage lace bridesmaid dresses that are perfect for classic or boho themes, as well as modern lace bridesmaid gowns with trendy flair.


Should Bridesmaids Wear Lace?

Once a faux pas since lace was traditionally reserved for brides, wearing a lace bridesmaid dress is now considered both appropriate and stylish! With beautifully intricate designs that look rich and timeless, it’s no wonder brides always had first pick when it came to lace fabrics. Now that lace is an option for the rest of the bridal party, both brides and bridesmaids can explore the possibilities of gorgeous bridesmaid dresses with lace details. Whether you need bridesmaid gowns with just a hint of lace accents or a bridesmaid dress with lace from neckline to hem, you’re sure to find a look you love in Avery Austin’s collection above.

From floral lace accented with sequins to sheer lace straps and backs, this assortment of lace bridesmaid dresses offers a variety of options to explore. There are bridesmaid dresses with lace embroidery and gowns with lace off-the-shoulder straps, as well as illusion lace bridesmaid dresses with contrasting linings. Whether vintage lace bridesmaids dresses for a bohemian vibe are what you seek or sleek modern bridesmaid dresses with lace embellishments are more your style, you’re sure to discover a look to love in this collection.