Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses Under $150

Shop this collection of bridesmaid dresses under $150 to discover salon-quality designs within your budget. Offering something for every style and bridal theme, these affordable bridesmaid dresses come in a variety of silhouettes, necklines, and colors.


What is a Reasonable Amount for a Bridesmaid Dress?

When it comes to deciding on a reasonable amount to spend on a bridesmaid dress, it’s best to consider the average cost. Currently, the average of a bridesmaid dress is $150, so that’s a great starting point for pricing out styles for the wedding party. Of course, every bridal party is different, so it’s best for brides and their bridesmaids to communicate clearly and set a budget for affordable bridesmaid dresses and accessories. If you’ve decided to use the average cost as your budget limit, then make it easy to stick to that limit by shopping Avery Austin’s collection of high-quality, yet inexpensive bridesmaid dresses under $150.

In this assortment of bridesmaid gowns under $150, shop all of the latest styles, colors, and fabrics with confidence. Never worry about going over your budget or feeling limited when you explore these affordable bridesmaid dresses. Here you will find a beautiful variety of rich fabrics, vibrant or soft hues, and flattering features. From a-line styles with pockets to lace mermaid gowns with sequins, there are stunning bridesmaid dresses under $150 to suit every wedding theme. With this collection of inexpensive bridesmaid dresses, find a style that makes the whole bridal party (and their wallets) happy.