V-Neck Bridesmaid Dresses

Explore this collection of v-neck bridesmaid dresses at Avery Austin to discover a beautiful assortment of styles with this classic open neckline. Whether you want deep v-neck bridesmaid dresses or bridal party dresses with a more subtle plunge, you’re sure to find the perfect style for any wedding theme.


How to Choose V-Neck Bridesmaid Dresses

Choosing v-neck bridesmaid dresses is all about having open communication between the bride and her bridesmaids. While the bride has an overall vision for her big day, the bridesmaids are the experts on what looks best on their figures. Yes, it is possible to find the perfect v-neck bridal party dress style that checks all the boxes for the whole wedding party! Blending the wedding day style goals with the need for comfort and complementary designs is easily achieved when you consider the following three things.

  1. Consider the Depth of the Plunge: When it comes to deep v-neck bridesmaid dresses, it’s important to first consider the venue rules. Plunging, low v-neck bridesmaid dress styles are often too revealing for many ceremony locations, especially churches. Finding just the right depth for a flattering, comfortable look is key too. For example, a busty bridesmaid might worry about wardrobe malfunctions in a deep v-neck bridesmaid dress, but a v-neckline that’s too high could create an unappealing, saggy effect. Be sure to have the whole bridal party try on a few v-neck bridesmaid gowns of different depths to get a better idea of the most flattering pick for the whole group. (Avery Austin’s Try at Home Program is perfect for this!)
  2. Consider the Necessary Bust Support: Since not all bridesmaids can just skip the bra, it’s especially important to choose a v-neck bridal party dress that makes it possible for each bridesmaid to wear the right kind of bust support. Deep v-neck bridesmaid dresses generally require undergarments that also feature a front plunge of the same depth and shape. If the v-neckline is formed by a crossover or wrap-style bodice, fitting should be done carefully with the chosen bra support to prevent the top layer from popping up uncomfortably for each bridesmaid.
  3. Consider Flattering Designs: When it comes to flattering designs, the v-neck bridesmaid gown is naturally a great choice because V draws the eyes up and down. This vertical eye motion creates an incredibly flattering effect because of the way it visually adds height and makes the upper arms and bust appear smaller. While that by itself is the perfect reason to choose a v-neck bridal party dress, why not go a little further by pairing the flattering V effect with other dress designs or details that also create visually slenderizing features. For example, stripes or other vertical patterns, v-shaped back designs, princess-cut bodice seams, and vertical pleating can all work visual wonders with the v-neckline.

With these three considerations in mind, it’s time for the whole bridal party to have a good chat, followed by a shopping session! With the perfect subtle or deep v-neck bridesmaid dress style in mind, explore all that Avery Austin has to offer in the collection of v-neck bridal party dresses above. Whether the bride is craving a classic, vintage, or modern look, there are so many stylish options to explore among these v-neck bridesmaid gowns that everyone is sure to find a look they can all agree on here.