Bridesmaid Dresses with Pockets

Shop Avery Austin’s bridesmaid dresses with pockets for gorgeous designs and convenient styling. The whole bridal party can keep their phones or other small necessities close at hand with the pockets in the bridesmaid dresses you’ll find here.


6 Things to Keep in Your Bridesmaid Dress Pockets

Pockets on bridesmaid dresses are the height of convenience for the modern day bridal party! Although there’s not much difference aesthetically between styles with or without pockets, formal bridesmaid dresses with pockets are often considered a level up above the rest because of how handy the dress feature can be. No need to worry about how to travel or keep track of a clutch, but you should keep in mind that the space real estate in your bridesmaid dress pockets are definitely at a premium. With that thought, let’s consider six things that you could keep in your formal bridesmaid dress pockets (though definitely not all at once!).

  1. Hankie or Tissues: If you know you’re the type of person who gets teary-eyed at super joyous occasions and sappy romance movies, then you’ll definitely want to have something close at hand to dab away those tears and sniffles! Stash a hankie or travel pack of tissues in one of your bridesmaid dress pockets and you’re covered.
  2. Phone: Let’s be honest. Almost nobody likes to be far from their beloved phones these days, even when we’re not using them! While you certainly shouldn’t be whipping out your phone (no matter how great the camera) at the wedding ceremony, there’s no reason you can’t keep it in your bridesmaid gown pockets so it doesn’t get misplaced. Of course, remember to keep it silenced through the ceremony and maybe even the reception too.
  3. Lipstick or Lip Gloss: Just in case you’ll need to reapply over time or after a few snacks and drinks at the reception, drop your chosen lipstick or gloss in one of your bridesmaid dress pockets and you’re good to go!
  4. Bobby Pins: Whether your fancy wedding updo might need a little pick-me-up after a few line dances or you want to be prepared to help the bride keep fly-aways in place for perfect pictures, it’s helpful to keep some bobby pins in the pockets of your bridesmaid dress.
  5. Small Wallet or Coin Purse: You may want to keep your ID and some cash at hand for the reception, so a pocket-sized wallet or coin purse should do the trick. Then when it’s time to buy some drinks at a cash bar or slip the bride some bills during the dollar dance (AKA money dance or apron dance), you can just reach into your bridesmaid gown pockets and voilà! You’re prepared!
  6. Hands: No, we’re not kidding here! It’s hard to resist sliding your hands into your pockets normally, so why fight it when you’ve got pockets in your bridesmaid dress? Just think of all the fun picture poses the bridal party could orchestrate when bridesmaid gowns have pockets! Keeping your hands in the pockets of your bridesmaid dress can also help you minimize fidgeting or keep your fingers warm in cold venues.

You might have other personal essentials that you can’t live without, and bridesmaid gowns with pockets are perfect for keeping them within reach. Whatever you hope to have on hand on the wedding day, Avery Austin’s collection of bridesmaid dresses with pockets offers you a range of stunning high-quality styles with handy pockets sewn into the flowy skirts.