Try At Home Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop this Avery Austin collection of the best try at home bridesmaid dresses and choose up to three styles to try before you buy them. The sample gowns will be shipped straight to you, so try on these bridesmaid dresses at home to get a better idea of how the dress fits and how the color and fabric can suit the wedding theme.


Can You Try on Bridesmaid Dresses at Home Before You Buy Them?

With Avery Austin’s Try at Home Program, you can try up to three bridesmaid dresses on at home before you buy your favorite style. Simply browse this collection of try at home bridesmaid dresses and add up to three in your cart. Not seeing the exact sizes or colors available that you need? It’s possible that another bride currently has those try before you buy bridesmaid dresses, but you can sign up for the waitlist (below the size options) to be notified when the samples are available again. Once your sample box arrives, you will be able to get a better feel for the fabric, fit, and color of these gowns prior to buying. It costs just $10 per sample, and then you send the try on at home bridesmaid dresses back within seven days using the return label provided. Be sure to check out the information page for Avery Austin’s Try at Home Program here for additional tips and answers to frequently asked questions.