Sexy Wedding Dresses

Explore Avery Austin’s collection of sexy wedding dresses for styles that are sure to make jaws drop as you walk down the aisle. Designed with the bold bride in mind, these seductive wedding dresses feature alluring details that are both feminine and sultry.


How to Choose a Sexy Wedding Dress

When it comes to choosing a sexy wedding dress, you want to make sure that the style fills you with confidence. Whether you love wearing bold designs every day or you want a stand-out style on your wedding day, it’s important to pick the right seductive wedding dress for you and your wedding. Avery Austin is here to help with the following six tips for choosing a sexy wedding dress.

  1. Consider your venue. Will your ceremony be at a place of worship? If so, confirm if they have any rules or restrictions regarding revealing wedding dresses. You may need to layer your look with a veil, shawl, or bolero jacket to meet the dress code. Another way to work with a strict dress code is to choose two gowns! Wear a conservative style for your ceremony and change into your sexy wedding dress for the party that follows.
  2. Choose a bold feature. Is the neckline your favorite dress feature? Or perhaps bold back designs? Pick one to be the focal point that becomes the captivating detail on your seductive wedding dress. Plunging necklines, illusion backs, side slits, or fitted silhouettes are a few options to consider.
  3. When in doubt, go subtle. Perhaps you usually dress more conservatively, but you’re hoping for a bold style on your big day. As you step beyond your comfort zone, consider subtle ways you can feel sexy in a seductive wedding dress. For example, sheer fabric accents might be just what you need. A plunging neckline can be more secure and less revealing with an illusion inset. Instead of a sleeveless or backless gown, you could choose a style with sheer lace sleeves or an illusion back design.
  4. Check the fit carefully. Nothing would be worse than a wardrobe malfunction on your big day! When you’ve got a seductive wedding dress, you want to make sure it fits snugly and securely in all the right places so you can be worry free from ceremony to reception.
  5. Simple is sexy too. You don’t need elaborate features or revealing details to look and feel amazing. For example, a simple sexy wedding dress can turn heads with a smooth satin curve-hugging silhouette.
  6. Keep comfort in mind. Above all else, you should be comfortable on your wedding day so you can enjoy it to the fullest! Make sure that sexy white wedding dress isn’t so tight that it’s hard to breathe (or use the bathroom). When you try on a revealing wedding dress, move around a lot in it. Can you sit, walk, and dance in it comfortably (and without revealing more than you planned)? If your sultry style passes the comfort test, then you know you can wear the bold design with confidence.

Some brides want a more traditional, conservative wedding, and their dress choice reflects that. But if you want a show-stopping, jaw-dropping look for your walk down the aisle, Avery Austin’s collection of sexy wedding dresses is exactly what you need. These revealing wedding dresses will have you looking and feeling your best as you step your way to the altar to say “I do.” Leave no doubts in your groom’s mind when he sees you in one of these absolutely stunning seductive wedding dresses.