Nude & Neutral Wedding Dresses

Shop the nude wedding dresses at Avery Austin for a variety of gorgeous designs in soft and flattering hues. This collection of neutral wedding dresses features classic off-white shades like beige, champagne, and nude, often beautifully layered or blended with ivory.


What Are the Neutral Wedding Dress Shades?

Some of the most common neutral wedding dress shades include beige, champagne, nude, and ivory. Wondering about their subtle differences? Read on for a breakdown of these popular neutral wedding dress hues.

  • Beige Wedding Dresses: The hue of the soft sand on a tropical beach, beige wedding dresses are a light, natural off-white alternative to the classic pure white gowns. While they do look beautiful at a destination beach wedding, beige bridal dresses are especially stunning against a backdrop of greenery.
  • Champagne Wedding Dresses: White mixed with just a hint of earthy brown that gives a warmer undertone than beige, champagne wedding dresses can sometimes lean more toward a pale golden hue or a sandy pink.
  • Nude Wedding Dresses: Considered a little denser than champagne, nude wedding dresses are a combination of white and brown that is closely related to beige. Mimicking its namesake skin tone, on some brides a nude wedding dress can look almost seamless between their skin and the dress fabric.
  • Ivory Wedding Dresses: Including other off-white hues like cream and eggshell, ivory wedding dresses usually have just a tinge of yellow mixed with white to create a gentle-on-the-eyes variation of the stark, classic white. 

When you’re ready to shop for a wedding dress in neutral colors, be sure to check out Avery Austin’s collection above! Featuring neutral wedding dresses in plus sizes too, this assortment offers a variety of beautiful fabrics, chic styles, and gorgeous soft-tone hues.