Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Discover Avery Austin mermaid wedding dresses that are the perfect blend of elegance and allure. If feeling sophisticated and sexy on your wedding day is your dream, shop this collection of mermaid wedding gowns.


Is it Hard to Walk or Dance in a Mermaid Wedding Dress?

Wondering if it’s hard to move around in a mermaid-style wedding dress? The short answer is yes. The classic and simple mermaid wedding dress is form-fitting all the way through the torso, accentuating your curves and hugging your legs snugly down to the knees. The skirt fans out just below the knee, adding a touch of elegance, romanticism, and freedom for movement. Walking or dancing with limited movement for your upper legs can pose a challenge, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy wearing this iconic style. There are simply a few things to consider before choosing a mermaid wedding gown for your special day. Here’s Avery Austin’s list of top four things to do before choosing a mermaid dress for your wedding:

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice! When you’re trying on mermaid wedding dress samples, practice moving around the room, especially in the styles you really love. How does it feel to walk and sit? Give the Cha Cha Slide or Cupid’s Shuffle a go and see if you can do some of the classic reception dances in your mermaid wedding gown.
  2. Plan Out Your Wedding Day Movement. This will help you decide just how much moving about (and what kind of movement) you’ll need to do on the big day. Are there a lot of stairs or a sandy walk along the beach? Perhaps the dance floor is not really your thing and you plan to stick to socializing with your guests. If you won’t be moving too much, then a fitted skirt won’t phase you too much. You could even go all out and wear a romantic lace mermaid wedding dress with a long train! If you definitely will be doing a lot of walking around, then you’ll want to think about the next tip.
  3. Consider Fabric, Shape, and Style. It is possible to find a mermaid-style wedding dress with more flexibility in the fabric and shape. You can go for a wedding dress with a soft mermaid silhouette in a stretchy fabric. It’s also worth considering a very similar style: the trumpet wedding gown. Trumpet dresses mirror the mermaid shape, but the skirt’s flare starts higher up on the thighs.
  4. Shop for Two Dresses! Maybe you’ve thought through all of the previous three tips, but you still have doubts about how comfortable you’ll be able to move and dance at your reception. Oh, but you absolutely adore a certain mermaid-style wedding dress and love how beautiful you look and feel in it! Well, why not wear your dream mermaid wedding gown for the ceremony and choose a dress with a flowy skirt (check out Avery Austin’s a-line bridal styles here) for the reception so you can dance with ease? There’s no rule that says you can only wear ONE gown on your big day!

Once you’ve considered all four of the tips above, you’ll have a much better idea of how to wear the mermaid-style wedding dress of your dreams. Now you can confidently shop Avery Austin’s collection of mermaid wedding gowns and plus-size mermaid wedding dresses to find a design that’s just right for you.