Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop Avery Austin’s collection of black bridesmaid dresses to discover a variety of sizes, fabrics, and designs in this classic color. Available in both short and long lengths, these black bridesmaid gowns are picture perfect for so many popular wedding themes.


Can Bridesmaids Wear Black?

Yes, bridesmaids can wear black! No need to worry about black bridesmaid dresses being too dark or serious for weddings. In fact, many bridesmaids prefer this classic hue because of its natural elegance and formal vibe! Here are a few reasons to choose black bridesmaid gowns.

Black for Bridesmaid Dresses is…

  • Timeless. No need to worry about the latest color trends and whether they might be cringe-worthy when you look back at your wedding photos years later. Black bridesmaid dresses, like white wedding gowns, are classic and sure to withstand the test of time. Not to mention, in photos the bride’s dress really stands out next to black bridesmaid gowns!
  • Versatile. You know how people always say there are some bridesmaid dresses you can wear again? It’s absolutely true when you’re talking about black bridesmaid gowns! The color fits in perfectly at almost any special occasion, regardless of the season. Short black bridesmaid dresses are basically classic little black dresses that are favorites for cocktail parties, and long black bridesmaid dresses are elegant styles for any formal event.
  • Flattering. Known for hiding sins and providing a visually slenderizing effect, black is popular for bridesmaid dresses for the way it can flatter just about every body type, skin tone, and hair color.
  • Only One Shade. No need to worry about mismatched tones among the bridal party when you go with bridesmaid dresses in black. While other colors can come in a range of bright and dark hues, there is only one black.
  • Easily Accessorized. You can add a pop of color with a sash, clutch, or heels for flirty fun, toss on leather jackets and shades for an edgy vibe, or don short capes while holding wedding sparklers for a magical vibe. Whichever way you choose to personalize them for a wedding theme, black bridesmaid dresses look absolutely stunning in photos.
  • Practically Stain Proof. No need to tiptoe around rich red wines or sauce-heavy dishes when wearing a black bridesmaid dress. Chances are the black color will hide most stains.
No need to wonder if it’s okay to wear black bridesmaid dresses anymore! Dive right into this timeless and versatile hue when you shop Avery Austin’s collection of black bridesmaid gowns above. From black lace mermaid dresses to a-line black bridesmaid dresses in chiffon or satin, you’ll discover a range of flattering styles and fabrics to suit any bridal party or wedding theme.