Can You Try on Wedding Dresses Without Buying One?

Wondering if you can try on wedding dresses without buying one? Short answer: Yes, you sure can! Just like any other type of clothing, wedding dresses can be tried on even if you don’t have the intention to buy one just yet. Whether you choose to go to a bridal boutique or try on wedding dresses at home, it is possible to shop around without the pressure to buy. After all, this is a huge purchase for one of the most important days of your life! You want to find the perfect dress, and that means there’s a good chance you’ll need to try on a variety of options (often from a number of places) before deciding on The One.

Needless to say, before committing to purchasing your bridal gown, it’s expected that there will be a period of trial and error as you explore all of the different styles, fabrics, and designs available. And really, how else are you going to know which combination of those features you want if you don’t see them on your body? Since we all know that buying a wedding dress is not typically a decision that’s made quickly, it can be frustrating for brides to feel that awkward, unspoken pressure to buy a wedding gown after trying on several styles, especially when they’ve received assistance from a salon specialist. It is important that you have enough time to try on as many dresses as you want, which also means you shouldn’t be pressured to buy right then and there. Let’s explore some ways to minimize that uncomfortable pressure so you can focus on trying before buying your dream wedding dress.

Tips for Trying on Wedding Dresses Without Buying One

Sometimes it feels as though trying on regular clothes at a store without buying anything is already awkward enough. Now, imagine how it might feel when you’re shopping for wedding dresses. First off, wedding dresses take so much time to put on and often require assistance when it comes to stepping in and out or lacing up the back. There’s also the awkwardness of having a salesperson or salon specialist helping you with the hope that you’ll make a purchase with them, even if you know you’re not even remotely ready to commit to a wedding dress yet. Fortunately, there is a way to try on as many dresses as you want without that suffocating peer pressure. Simply follow the four tips below to eliminate that unspoken pressure to buy a wedding dress when you’re trying on styles.

  1. Communicate Clearly: Make it known right from the start that it’s your first time shopping or that you’re still trying to get a feel for the right style. Sometimes simply setting the stage this way can help avoid the pressure and obligation to buy. The right sales rep will actually appreciate such candid communication and take advantage of the no-pressure situation with lots of fun, laughter, and memory-making that might even have you coming back later and asking for their help again when you are ready to buy your wedding dress.
  2. Ask About Appointments: It’s important to find out right from the get-go if an appointment is required. Imagine the awkwardness of walking in only to be turned away because the bridal salon is by appointment only! Sometimes this embarrassment can cause brides to avoid the location altogether or to feel even more pressured to buy during their scheduled time later. Skip the drama entirely by calling to ask in advance.
  3. Confirm Any Fees in Advance: Wait a minute…Does it cost money to try on wedding dresses?! Believe it or not, sometimes it does, so it’s important to find out about any fees right away. Check with the bridal salon you plan to visit to see if it requires a deposit before trying on the sample wedding gowns. If there is a deposit, ask if you will get that deposit back in full if you do not choose to put it towards the purchase of a dress that day. When you shop online and want to select some try at home wedding dresses, find out if you need to purchase the dress up front or pay any fees in order to use this option.
  4. Try at Home Wedding Dresses: You can skip the in-person peer pressure entirely when you shop wedding dresses online! Usually all you have to do to try on wedding dress samples at home is order your samples, have them shipped, and try them on in the comfort of your own home before returning the samples. No tiny fitting rooms…no unpleasant, pushy salespeople…no pressure to buy anything. It’s just you, the mirror, some champagne, and your loved ones to share the experience with you.

How to Try on Wedding Dresses at Home

Whether you want to avoid the stress and pressure of bridal salons entirely or you simply like the convenience of online shopping, trying on wedding dresses at home is a great way to try before you buy. The wedding dresses are usually sample styles, and most bridal sites do not require a large deposit or outright purchase of the gown to try it. In fact, at Avery Austin, you only pay $15 per dress (up to three styles), and you can put that fee directly towards the purchase of your wedding dress whenever you decide to buy! Here’s how to try on wedding dresses at home with Avery Austin’s Try at Home Program.

  1. Choose Your Styles: Shop Avery Austin’s try at home wedding dresses and pick up to three dresses. It’s best to explore a variety of silhouettes, fabrics, and designs if you’re not sure of your preferences yet. If you’re not seeing your size or a style you wanted to try, reach out to a bridal stylist! These experts can make it easy to find similar styles and walk you through the whole try-before-you-buy experience.
  2. Gather the Girls: Plan a get-together with your loved ones for when your samples are expected to arrive. Act as if your living room has become your personal bridal salon. Pour the champagne, play some tunes, and make memories with your girls.
  3. Return Your Samples: Within seven days, simply drop off your samples at a local FedEx with the prepaid label that Avery Austin provides. (That’s right! You don’t have to pay any return shipping fees to try on wedding dresses at home!)
  4. Order Your Favorite or Try Again: If you found The One and you’re ready to purchase your dream dress, you’ll be able to apply the cost of trying on the samples directly to your order! Still searching for the perfect gown? No worries! You can use what you’ve learned about your likes and dislikes from the first sample box to choose new styles to try on at home that are a better match for you! (And don’t forget, a bridal stylist can help if you need it!)

When you plan to try on wedding dresses, whether you’re ready to buy or not, the focus should always be on YOU, the bride. Discovering the styles, hues, and details that make you look and feel your best is the highlight of the whole experience, and nothing should dampen that feeling. Whether you plan to go boutique hopping or try on wedding dresses at home, use Avery Austin’s advice to rise above the stress and pressure to buy before you’re truly committed to your dream gown. When you find the perfect wedding dress for you, you’ll know! No amount of sales pressure can change that!