Fit and Flare Wedding Dress vs Mermaid: What’s the Difference Between These Gowns?

Fit and Flare Wedding Dress vs Mermaid: What’s the Difference Between These Gowns?

Every bride has visions of her dream wedding gown and how it will look as she walks down the aisle on her big day. Between finding an affordable wedding dress and wondering when you should buy your wedding dress, one of the key concerns brides have is in regards to what style of wedding gown they envision themselves walking down the aisle in.  

If you have a dress silhouette in mind that has a tighter bodice and a flowing skirt, you may be wondering what this style is called so you can find your perfect gown. You may be wondering what the differences are between fit and flare or mermaid wedding gowns. These gowns are very similar, but have key differences you should be aware of in picking your ideal dress.

There are many things you’ll need to know before trying on wedding dresses, so how do you know which style is right for you, and how can you choose between a fit and flare vs mermaid wedding dress? Learn what the difference between fit and flare and mermaid wedding gowns are, and how to choose the right dress for your big day. 

What’s the Difference Between Mermaid vs Fit and Flare Wedding Dresses?

As we mentioned above, many brides are unsure what the difference between fit and flare and mermaid wedding gowns are, and if they are even different at all. So before we can dig into what sets them apart, let’s first describe what each style is and what makes them unique. 

What is a Mermaid Wedding Dress?

A mermaid wedding dress has a fitted bodice all the way through the torso and thighs, with a skirt that fans out right below the knee–hence the mermaid name. With its hip-hugging style, a mermaid wedding dress lets brides show off their curves and provides a stunning silhouette that is both elegant and glamorous. 

These types of gowns are characterized by their dramatic skirts, typically made of structured materials like tulle and other fabrics - which makes the skirt distinct from the rest of the bodice. Given the tighter-fitting silhouette down past the knee, these dresses require brides to walk in smaller strides, so they may want to plan for a wardrobe change when they’re ready to hit the dance floor. Even still, they look amazing for the walk down the aisle and the unforgettable ceremony. 

What is a Fit and Flare Wedding Dress?

As the name might suggest, a fit and flare wedding dress has a fitted bodice down over the hip area, and a skirt that flares out gradually around the mid-thigh or knee. There are many different styles of fit and flare wedding gowns, including the mermaid dress and the trumpet dress. 

A great feature of fit and flare dresses is how they accentuate the waist and highlight a woman’s natural curves, giving an elongating effect when the dress fits just right. 

Fit and flare wedding dresses are very flattering for any body type. They’re also easy to walk in - a huge plus for brides looking to be as comfortable as possible on the big day. They also have a softer silhouette without harsh transitions between the bodice and the skirt or train. They can come in a variety of fabrics, necklines, and wedding dress train lengths, so there are endless options when it comes to finding a fit and flare dress that meets all your expectations. 

Key Differences Between the Fit and Flare Wedding Dress vs Mermaid Wedding Dress

So how do fit and flare vs mermaid wedding dresses differ? In summary, mermaid dresses are in fact a type of fit and flare gowns. While the two styles can look very similar, there are some key differences between the two that really set apart mermaid wedding gowns from the rest of the fit and flare styles.

Both dresses feature a fitted bodice, with a large difference between fit and flare and mermaid dresses coming from where the skirt flares out. While the fit and flare dress has a skirt that gradually tapers out starting around the middle of the thigh, a mermaid dress has a more clear distinction between the skirt and the bodice as it dramatically flares out below the knee.

Oftentimes comfortability levels also come into play when discussing the differences between these two dress styles. Given the tight silhouette of mermaid wedding dresses past the knee, they can be a bit more difficult to walk or dance in. On the other hand, a fit and flare dress gives the bride a little more room in the knee area since the skirt already widens out mid-thigh.

Mermaid dresses can have a bit more of a dramatic appearance, since the skirt is oftentimes made of a contrasting material that catches the eye and really makes the skirt stand out. In comparison, many fit and flare dresses are made out of the same material in both the bodice and the skirt and train, so they can have a softer appearance as the skirt gradually widens at the bottom. 

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Final Thoughts on the Fit and Flare Wedding Dress vs Mermaid Debate

If you had questions about the difference between fit and flare and mermaid dresses before, we hope this guide provided clarity about what sets these styles apart. You should now feel confident as to which one will best suit you as you walk down the aisle. If you still have questions, though, we’re here to help. No matter what your choice is between fit and flare vs mermaid gowns, let Avery Austin find you the perfect dress for your big day. We have the best selection of wedding gowns online, including the best plus size wedding dresses. Get in touch with our bridal experts or our styling team today and we’ll help make your dream wedding a reality!