Black Wedding Dresses

Shop black wedding dresses at Avery Austin to discover show-stopping styles in a non-traditional color. In a variety of silhouettes and styles, these black wedding gowns are sure to turn heads as you walk down the aisle.


Is it Okay to Get Married in a Black Wedding Dress?

It’s absolutely okay to get married in a black wedding dress, and in fact, many brides prefer this non-traditional bridal option! While most guests would expect to see you step out in white or ivory, imagine the wow factor when you march down the aisle in a black wedding gown. In addition to making a statement, here are a few other reasons why brides choose to wear wedding dresses in black.

Black Wedding Dresses…

  • Photograph Beautifully. Especially against white bridesmaid dresses (or other light colors), a black bridal dress really stands out! Just imagine if your wedding is in the winter with a snowy background; you won’t blend in with the scenery when you wear a black wedding gown.
  • Flatter. You’ve probably heard that black is a slenderizing color, but did you also know it works well with just about any skin tone or hair color too? This means you can confidently choose a wedding gown in black, knowing you’ll look amazing in this hue!
  • Are Fun to Accessorize. You can keep things matchy-matchy with all black accessories, or you can go for bold color contrasts with your jewelry, clutch, or shoes. Since the color black goes with just about everything, it’s easy to have fun and get creative with your black bridal dress accessories.
  • Match Popular Wedding Themes. If you’re going for a modern or avant-garde theme, an empowering and sophisticated color like black for your wedding dress is sure to strike the right chord. Of course, black bridal gowns also work perfectly with gothic or Halloween themed nuptials too.

Ready to jump into this non-traditional bridal option? Then start by shopping Avery Austin’s collection of black wedding dresses above. From black wedding dresses with sleeves to ball gown wedding dresses in black, this assortment features a variety of bold and beautiful styles to suit almost any bride and wedding theme.