Wedding Dresses with Long Trains

Shop Avery Austin’s collection of wedding dresses with long trains for an elegant bridal look. From classic lengths to dramatic trails, the long trains on these wedding dresses offer beautiful variety for this quintessential bridal feature.


How Do You Walk with a Long Wedding Dress Train?

When it comes to walking in wedding dresses with long trains, there are a few different ways you can smoothly manage moving around your ceremony and reception. Most brides choose to wear their long train wedding dresses as designed for the ceremony, but then pin up the trains in a bustle or detach them (if designed this way) for the reception. Whether you plan to show off your gorgeous bridal gown with its long train for part of or all of your special day, the following tips can help you prepare.

  • Practice, practice, practice. Give yourself a chance to move around in your wedding gown with its long train before the big day. Better yet, see if you can arrange an opportunity to practice at your venue for an authentic trial run.
  • Move in straight lines. Walking forward in bridal dresses with long trains is always the easiest option, so try to plan out your wedding day movements to maximize moving in straight lines and minimize making turns.
  • Carry your train over one arm. Whether you just need a quick and easy way to move in your long train wedding dress between photo locations or you want a manageable way to mingle during your reception, carrying your train over your arm is one solution. Simply have a bridesmaid pull your train out to its full length, carefully gather it up as she walks toward you, then drape it over your forearm.
  • Choose page boys to carry your train. What better way to feel like a princess in a wedding gown with a long train than having a special group of page boys following you about and carrying your train whenever needed? It could be a special position of honor that you bestow upon younger family members, and it’s sure to help you move around more easily in your long train wedding dress.

Knowing you can walk confidently in a bridal dress with a long train makes it easier to shop worry-free for this iconic style. Avery Austin’s collection of bridal gowns with long trains offers a variety of flattering silhouettes, luxurious fabrics, and stunning details. Shop the wedding dresses with long trains above to discover your favorite style combination. Looking for a dramatic, long veil to match your long train wedding dress? Be sure to check out these stunning cathedral veils available at Avery Austin.