Wedding Dresses Under $500

Shop this Avery Austin collection of unique wedding dresses under $500 for high-quality designs at a price well within your budget. When it comes to finding affordable wedding dresses online, Avery Austin makes it easy by offering this curated collection of bridal dresses under $500.


How to Get Your Wedding Dress for Less Than $500

If finding wedding dresses that are $500 and under is your goal, then there are a few steps you can take to focus your shopping efforts (and avoid pricier temptations). Here are three ways to get your wedding dress for less than $500:

  1. Shop affordable wedding dresses online. When you choose to shop online, it often means you have an opportunity to avoid any extra fees that a bridal salon might add to the gowns they sell. At Avery Austin, you’re guaranteed salon-quality gowns without those salon overhead fees, so it’s even easier to find beautiful and unique wedding dresses for under $500.
  2. Shop by price. If you’re browsing online, that might mean using price filters or choosing pages with specific price points, like Avery Austin’s collection above that features wedding dresses under $500. If in a bridal salon, it’s worth asking if they have any racks sorted by price points or if there are any in-stock sale sections that you can explore.
  3. Consider sample dresses. Often, salons or online stores will offer discounts for sample bridal dresses, which can bring the price down below the $500 mark at times. These dresses have often been tried on by other brides, so it’s important to check the item closely for any signs of damage or wear before making your decision. At Avery Austin, you can try on wedding dresses at home, and if you fall in love with your sample, you can purchase it at a 20% discount! Check out the Try at Home Program for more details.

Avery Austin believes that even at under $500, a wedding dress should be high-quality and stunning for your big day. As you scroll through the stylish options above, it’s easy to forget that these gorgeous designer wedding dresses are $500 and under. With stunning silhouettes, beautiful necklines, lavish fabrics, and chic details, these affordable wedding dresses online at Avery Austin will make both you and your wallet happy.