Spring 2024 Wedding Dresses: Top 4 Style Trends

With spring weddings on the horizon, it’s time to take a peek at the most popular 2024 wedding dress styles this season! The best news is there’s something to love for every bride. Whether you’re looking for bold or demure designs with a classic or modern vibe, the favorite bridal fashions kicking off this new year are sure to catch your eye. Read on to discover the top four 2024 wedding dress trends.

#1 Wedding Dresses with Sheer Bodices

Image of a blonde woman wearing a wedding dress with a sheer bodice.    Image of brunette woman wearing a wedding ball gown with a sheer bodice.

Wedding dresses with sheer bodices are one of the most popular wedding dress styles for spring 2024 brides. Often supported by corset boning, the sheer bodices can be completely see-through or feature some strategically placed embellishments, like lace or beadwork, for a more demure look. Naturally sexy no matter the silhouette, this type of bodice is perfect for rocking a bold style with or without a curve-hugging skirt.

#2 Simple Wedding Dresses

Image of brunette woman modeling a white simple wedding dress.    Image of blonde woman modeling a white off-the-shoulder simple wedding dress.

Simple wedding dresses are all the rage this season. Featuring minimalist designs and clean lines, simple wedding dresses are perfect for modern wedding themes. The simplicity of the styles often highlight a bride’s natural figure, so if you’re a bride who loves her curves, be sure to check out this trendy look that’s just as flattering in plus sizes as it is in petite sizes! Simple wedding dresses are also super easy to accessorize in just about any way that please you.

#3 Lace Wedding Dresses

Image of blonde woman modeling a lace wedding dress with a train.   Image of brunette woman modeling a long white wedding dress with lace appliques on the bodice.

Lace is a timeless and versatile bridal fabric, so it’s no wonder that the lace wedding dresses are so popular for spring weddings! If a classic vibe is what you seek, there are gowns that flow with floral lace designs from neckline to hem. For a more modern edge, consider going for a lace wedding dress that features delicate lace appliques over a sheer bodice (one of the other 2024 wedding dress trends).

#4 Black Wedding Dresses

Image of blonde woman modeling an a-line black wedding dress.    Image of blonde woman modeling a tulle black wedding dress with a nude underlay.

A bold and beautiful break with tradition, black wedding dresses are making a chic statement this season. Perfect for brides looking to make heads turn, black wedding dresses are both eye-catching and flattering. With a neutral-color lining beneath some sheer styles, a gorgeous contrast against the classic black adds stunning depth that captivates.

Honorable Mention: Backless Wedding Dresses

Image of blonde woman modeling the back of a backless wedding dress.    Image of brunette woman modeling the back of a plus-size backless wedding dress.

For brides who like to mesmerize when they make an entrance AND an exit, backless wedding dresses are the way to go! There are so many show-stopping backless wedding dresses for spring 2024 that it may be difficult to choose your favorite. From the traditional completely backless designs to stylish strappy or cowl open-back designs, these popular 2024 wedding dress styles offer enough variety for every bride to choose just the right level of spice to suit her preference.

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