Bridesmaid Dresses with Straps

Shop Avery Austin’s collection of bridesmaid dresses with straps to discover supportive and stylish designs the bridal party is sure to love. From spaghetti strap bridesmaid dresses to halter bridesmaid dresses, this assortment makes it easy to explore a variety of strap styles.


4 Perks to Wearing Bridesmaid Dresses with Straps

One of the many things to love about bridesmaid dresses with straps is that they’ve got just a little bit “extra” going for them. That something “extra” really comes down to four perks that make wearing strappy bridesmaid gowns super stylish and comfortable. Read on for Avery Austin’s list of “extras” that make bridesmaid dresses with straps such a joy to wear.

  1. Extra Strap Styles: Often, the first thing that comes to mind when we think “straps” is “spaghetti straps,” but bridesmaid dresses can have so many different types of strap styles! Thick, thin, off-the-shoulder, multi, and halter-style straps are just a few of the possibilities to explore. Or course, the classic spaghetti strap bridesmaid dresses are always popular, but each strap style offers its own unique perks and level of bust support. Be sure to check out Avery Austin’s Guide to Wedding Dress Strap Styles to get an idea of some of the types of strap styles you can also find on bridesmaid dresses.
  2. Extra Support (Usually): Certainly a step up in the support department from strapless styles, bridesmaid dresses with straps can be comfortably reassuring, especially for bridal party members with full busts. Generally, the thicker the strap, the better the support. If those thick straps drape off the shoulders like chic arm bands, they might be paired with a set of spaghetti straps too (but it’s still a gorgeous style even without that extra support). The way to get the most support, however, is to go for halter bridesmaid dresses. The straps, no matter the thickness, wrap around the neck for a snug and secure hold.
  3. Extra Embellishment Opportunities: Imagine an otherwise simple bridesmaid dress with straps that pop with a dash of dazzling rhinestones or a halter bridesmaid dress that brings beautiful illusion lace fabric even higher up the neckline. There are so many more ways to show off a bit of stylish flair when there are straps on bridesmaid dresses!
  4. Extra Elegant: Just as with strapless or off-the-shoulder styles, bridesmaid dresses with straps bare the shoulders in a way that creates an elegantly feminine vibe, but you don’t lose all of the support and coverage offered by sleeved styles. You could consider bridesmaid dresses with straps a nice compromise between strapless and sleeved gowns with the way they provide the best of both worlds.

Ready to enjoy some of that extra style and support you can only get from bridesmaid dresses with straps? Then scroll up to shop Avery Austin’s collection of bridesmaid gowns with straps. You’ll find halter bridesmaid dresses and gowns with off-the-shoulder straps, as well as spaghetti strap bridesmaid dresses. Whether it’s the extra style, support, embellishment, or elegance that pulls you in, there’s no denying the appeal of these gorgeous bridesmaid dresses with straps.