Plus-Size Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop plus-size ivory bridesmaid dresses at Avery Austin for gorgeous styles in soft, creamy hues. Whether you’re looking for hues closer to eggshell or cream, these plus-size off-white bridesmaid dresses offer chic designs with the perfect color balance between white and yellow.


    4 Perks to Choosing Plus-Size Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses

    Since off-white hues are traditionally the bride’s domain, not many people realize just how well plus-size ivory bridesmaid dresses can suit a bride’s wedding colors, theme, and overall vision. From the way they make the bridal party look and feel to the way they create picture-perfect, standout memories for the bride, plus-size off-white bridesmaid dresses have a lot to offer the style savvy wedding party. Check out the top four perks to choosing plus-size ivory bridesmaid dresses below.

    Plus-Size Ivory Bridesmaid Dresses Are…

    1. Flattering. The ivory hue on plus-size off-white bridesmaid dresses is soft enough that it won’t wash out pale skin tones, but still bright enough to beautifully contrast dark skin tones.
    2. Surprising. Even though brides have chosen plus-size ivory bridesmaid dresses for their bridal parties before, it’s still uncommon enough to have a serious WOW factor.
    3. Easily Accessorized. Almost like a blank canvas, off-white bridesmaid dresses in plus sizes can be matched with any other color you desire, and that color is going to stand out beautifully against the ivory.
    4. Stunning to Photograph. When the bride stands with a bridal party dressed in plus-size ivory bridesmaid dresses, it could end up as a charming, unified blend of white and ivory hues, or a bride in a colorful gown will stand out against the creamy tones. Either way, the memorable photography is sure to be a win!

    Jump right into this gorgeous trend by choosing your favorite styles among the Avery Austin collection of ivory bridesmaid dresses in plus sizes. Whether it’s lace, tulle, satin, or chiffon you seek, there’s a stylish plus-size off-white bridesmaid dress in your favorite fabric and style in the selection above.