Low-Back Wedding Dresses

Shop this collection of low-back wedding dresses by Avery Austin for a captivating look on your special day. With a variety of designs from sheer-back wedding dresses to completely backless wedding dresses, this collection has styles both subtle and bold.


Is a Low-Back Wedding Dress Appropriate?

A low-back wedding dress is appropriate for most brides and their venues, but it’s important to make sure that you are comfortable wearing an open-back wedding dress and that it suits your ceremony and reception locations. Here are a few ways to make sure that your low-back wedding bridal dress is appropriate:

  1. Check Your Comfort Zone. Do you like the way it fits and feels? Are you comfortable with the wow-factor as you walk by your guests? If so, then you know you can confidently wear a backless wedding dress.
  2. Confirm the Ceremony Dress Code. This is especially important if your wedding will be officiated in a church or temple. Most religious locations are conservative about dress, so you’ll want to confirm before you go right for a completely backless wedding dress. There are alternative options to consider that might be more appropriate for religious ceremonies, such as illusion-back wedding dresses or bridal gowns with sheer lace decorating the low back. Already fall in love with an open-back wedding dress? You can still make it work! Consider a long veil to cover your back for the ceremony (You can check out Avery Austin's high-quality veils here).
  3. Consider your Bridal Theme. There are many ways to match low-back wedding gown styles to your theme. If your theme calls for a sultry look, then backless wedding dresses are a great way to channel the allure. If your theme is more of a romantic, rustic, or bohemian style, explore the sheer-back wedding dresses that feature embroidered or lace accents or “floating” buttons.

Once you’ve thought through your personal style, dress code, and theme, you’ll have a pretty good idea about the appropriateness of low-back wedding dresses for your celebration. Once you’ve decided on them, be sure to shop Avery Austin’s collection of low-back bridal dresses above. Discover a range of open-back wedding dresses and illusion-back wedding dresses that offer a variety of modest and dramatic designs for every bride.