Nude & Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop an assortment of neutral bridesmaid dresses by exploring all of the available flattering hues in Avery Austin’s collection below. Narrow your options by selecting the swatch circles for your favorite neutral bridesmaid dress colors if you prefer to shop by hue.


Can Bridesmaids Wear Neutral Dress Colors?

As long as the bride approves, bridesmaids can wear neutral bridesmaid dress colors. In fact, many brides love the modern, effortless look that a neutral color palette can provide in those timeless wedding photos. There are so many reasons to choose neutral bridesmaid dress colors for your wedding, but let’s focus on Avery Austin’s top three.

3 Reasons to Choose Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

  1. Neutral bridesmaid dress colors come in a variety of hues. Maybe when you think “neutral” your mind immediately goes to tan. While that is one neutral shade, there are many more options for the bridal party to consider! From silver or gray bridesmaid dresses to neutral brown or taupe bridesmaid dresses, there’s quite a selection to explore in Avery Austin’s assortment above. Of course, there are other true neutral hues to look into as well such as ivory bridesmaid dresses and black bridesmaid dresses to see if those hues speak to you and your wedding theme best.
  2. Neutral bridesmaid dresses are a joy to accessorize. Since the shades are soft and muted, you can easily imagine bridesmaid dresses in neutral colors as blank canvases, ready to be personalized to your heart’s content! You can add the gentle glimmer of simple jewelry to complete the neutral bridesmaid dresses with an understated elegance, or go for a fun and personalized look by letting each bridesmaid add her own pop of color with fun heels, clutches, or hair accessories. Truly, the styling possibilities are endless!
  3. Neutral bridesmaid dresses create a perfect backdrop, no matter the bridal dress color. Whether the wedding dress is a classic white or ivory, or you prefer to go off the beaten path with a shade of black, red, or other unique hue, standing in front of your favorite people decked out in neutral bridesmaid dress colors is sure to look beautiful. No need to worry about clashing hues or pairing up complementary colors! Imagine a black wedding dress silhouetted by gray or silver bridesmaid dresses or the rich fall feel of a red wedding dress surrounded by neutral brown bridesmaid dresses. Bridal photography bliss!

Now that you know the perks to neutral bridesmaid dress colors, it’s time to choose your favorite hues for your favorite people. Explore Avery Austin’s available neutral hues in the collection above, including silver or gray bridesmaid dresses, neutral brown or taupe bridesmaid dresses, and more. If you want to focus on neutral bridesmaid dresses in plus sizes, be sure to check out Avery Austin’s available plus styles in neutral hues too.