Nude & Neutral Plus-Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop nude and neutral plus-size bridesmaid dresses in a range of soft and flattering hues in Avery Austin’s collection below. From plus-size champagne bridesmaid dresses to plus-size gray or silver bridesmaid dresses, the available color options are extensive and can be viewed all together or by individual hues when you select one of the swatch circles.


    5 Shades of Plus-Size Neutral Bridesmaid Dresses

    While plus-size neutral bridesmaid dresses might make you think of different tan or ivory hues, there are actually many more shades to consider within the neutral category! Let’s take a look at Avery Austin’s breakdown of neutral colors for plus-size bridesmaid dresses. Here are the top five neutral shade color groups:

    1. Soft Tan Hues: The most well-known option for plus-size nude bridesmaid dresses are tan hues. One of the most popular options in this color group are the plus-size champagne bridesmaid dresses, but hues like latte and warm beige are top picks too.
    2. Rich Brown Shades: Going darker than the traditional tan hue, plus-size neutral brown bridesmaid dresses are naturally elegant and especially perfect for fall weddings. Top hues include chocolate, cappuccino (a light brown), and buff (a yellowish brown).
    3. Muted Purple Hues: What makes these soft purple hues neutral is their departure from the typical vibrant tone of what you’d expect from a purple bridal party gown. The plus-size mauve bridesmaid dresses offer a nice balance between pink and purple in a very soft, muted tone, and styles in indigo are darker, but still very subtle.
    4. Pale Gray and Silver Hues: Plus-size silver or gray bridesmaid dresses offer a perfectly neutral backdrop to all kinds of wedding dress colors. Ranging from classic steel gray and taupe (a gray brown) to muted silver, this plus-size neutral bridesmaid dress category still offers a fair amount of variation within the hues.
    5. True Neutrals: If you do a little color research into neutral shades, you’ll find that the truest neutral colors include white and black. Plus-size neutral bridesmaid dresses in white or black can offer the most stark contrast to any wedding color palette, so brides craving a dramatic look for photos and style love the true neutrals! You can find lots of gorgeous true neutral styles among Avery Austin’s black plus-size bridesmaid dress collection and ivory plus-size bridesmaid dress collection.

    Whichever shade of plus-size neutral bridesmaid dresses you’ve fallen for, you’re sure to find the perfect styles for your whole bridal party when you shop the plus-size nude and neutral bridesmaid dresses above. Avery Austin’s carefully curated selection of plus-size bridesmaid dresses in neutral colors includes popular hues like champagne, brown, gray, silver, mauve, and more. Discover plus-size nude bridesmaid dresses that suit your wedding colors and theme best when you shop Avery Austin’s collection of neutral-colored plus-size bridesmaid dresses.