Plus-Size Wedding Dresses Under $700

Shop these affordable plus-size wedding dresses priced under $700 to find a stunning look for less. With Avery Austin’s collection of plus-size bridal gowns under $700, you can keep your budget limit set as you hunt for your dream gown.


How to Stay on Budget for Your Plus-Size Wedding Dress

When you need a plus-size wedding dress that’s affordable per your bridal budget, you want to make sure you’re getting a high-quality gown that you love at a price that’s right for you. There’s no need to compromise on your dream dress in order to stay on budget. Simply keep these four tips in mind as you shop for an affordable plus-size wedding dress.

  1. Shop by price. If you only shop for gowns at or under your price limit, then you’ll never be tempted to spend more! If you’re at a salon, be clear about your budget limit right from the start and ask to only see samples/racks within your budget. When you shop online, you can easily narrow your search options by using price filters or by only shopping priced collections. For example, Avery Austin’s collection above includes all of the available plus-size wedding dresses under $700. If you know your budget limit is set at $700, then you can shop this collection confidently without worrying about falling in love with a style that’s simply too expensive.
  2. Avoid extra fees. Sadly, extra fees add up really quickly in the bridal industry. There are often extra charges for plus sizes since more material is used in the making of the gowns, and salons often add their own markup fees right into the price of their dresses. You can avoid both of those common fees by shopping with Avery Austin! With inclusive sizing, you’ll never pay extra for the plus-size version of a dress style. And that salon markup? You can see on each dress what the traditional salon price would be, so you’ll know exactly how much you can save by shopping online with Avery Austin. In the above collection of plus-size bridal dresses under $700, you don’t have to worry about any additional fees putting you over your budget. The price that’s listed is the price you’ll pay for your gown!
  3. Go simple, then accessorize later. If you haven’t already decided on a gown style yet, consider sticking with simple plus-size wedding dresses, which are more affordable because of the minimal embellishments. Whenever a gown features a lot of beading, embroidery, or other intricate design details, the price can go up quite a bit. Simple, sleek silhouettes are often modern, stunning, or even classic, depending on the way you style them. And the styling part is half the fun! The money you save by going simple can then be used for fun and fabulous accessories. With the right jewelry or hair ornaments, you can glam it up, go vintage, or show off your flair for elegance, and you’ll still likely be at or below your original budget for your plus-size bridal gown.
  4. Minimize the need for alterations. Since alterations are almost always needed, they can easily put you over your original dress budget limit. You can minimize the need for big alterations by selecting your size carefully, keeping in mind any potential weight loss or gain if you are purchasing your gown way in advance. You should also consider corsets, adjustable or detachable straps, or similar features that make it easy to adjust the gown fit without alterations. However, one of the most common alterations done is hemming since wedding gowns are typically all made to a set length, regardless of your chosen size. Finding a dress that is as close to the length you’ll need for your height is key. Avery Austin makes it easy by offering three possible length options, at no extra cost to you! For example, if you find a style you love from the collection of plus-size wedding gowns under $700, you can select petite (56”), standard (59”), or tall (62”) hollow-to-hem measurements for whichever size you need, and the price is the same for each length option! That means you can get as close to the length you’ll need as possible, minimizing the alterations work and fees.

Now that you know how to stay on budget, start your dream dress search by shopping Avery Austin’s collection of plus-size bridal gowns under $700. Not only will you find high-quality, one-of-a-kind designs, but you’ll also be able to stick to your budget. Finding yourself with a little more spending wiggle room? Be sure to check out the collection of plus-size wedding dresses under $1000 for more gorgeous styles to explore. If you’re hoping to save a bit more, then the collection of plus-size wedding dresses under $500 can narrow your search for an affordable plus-size wedding dress even more!