3 Tips on Buying a Flattering Plus-Size Wedding Gown

When you’re on the hunt for the perfect plus-size wedding dress, it helps to have some helpful pointers so you know how to narrow your options down right from the start! Instead of wondering what wedding dresses are most flattering for plus sizes, Avery Austin is here to help unravel the mystery for you! Below are Avery Austin’s top 3 tips on how to choose a plus-size wedding dress. You can read on below to find out more about each tip!

  1. Find out what sizes are considered plus sizes where you shop for wedding dresses.
  2. Figure out the styles of wedding dresses that look best on plus-size brides.
  3. Know where to buy plus-size wedding dresses online with confidence.

What Size is Considered Plus-Size in Wedding Dresses?

It’s tricky to know for sure if your size will be considered a bridal plus size since wedding dresses tend to run smaller than average and fit more snugly than other formal dress styles. Generally, sizes 18 and up are considered plus sizes for wedding dresses, but in your regular clothing size, that might equate to size 14 and up! See? Wedding dress size math is not for the weak!

The real takeaway from knowing what size is plus size for wedding dresses is that you know it’s important to ask bridal salons to tell you straight out what sizes they offer for their plus-size collections. This way, if a salon states their plus-size wedding dresses go up to size 22 and you know you’ll need a size outside of that range, you will save yourself a great deal of time and disappointment by looking for another location.

What is the Best Style of Wedding Dress for Plus-Size Brides?

The best plus-size wedding dress style is truly going to be different for each curvy bride, as not one of us is shaped exactly the same and we don’t all love the exact same designs. However, there are a few types of wedding dresses that are the most flattering for plus-size brides, so the trick is to explore these styles to find the kind that looks good on you! Check out some of the most popular kinds of wedding dresses that look good on plus-size brides.

  • A-Line Plus-Size Wedding Dresses: Fitted in the bodice and free-flowing in the skirt, a-line gowns are the most universally flattering bridal style for all brides, so it’s no wonder that curvy brides cherish them too! The a-line silhouette is a timeless design that both slenderizes in some areas and highlights your natural curves in other areas.
  • Corset Plus-Size Wedding Dresses: The perfect way to adjust your bridal gown to a comfortable and snug fit, corsets are an easy way to achieve a customizable fit within a certain range. The corset can be tightened to cinch in and define the waistline, provide extra support, and accentuate your bustline.
  • Empire-Waist Plus-Size Wedding Dresses: The higher waistline is visually slimming. Paired with an a-line silhouette, the flowing skirt is super forgiving in the midsection and hip area, pairing a flattering look with chic comfort. If you want to show off those curves though, you can still take advantage of the slimming look of an empire waistline by choosing a fit-and-flare or mermaid silhouette for your plus-size wedding dress.
  • Fit-and-Flare Plus-Size Wedding Dresses: When you love your curves and want to flaunt them, a fit-and-flare style is the way to go! One of the best figure-hugging silhouettes, this style is fitted through the hips and starts to flare out around the knees.

Keep in mind that truly any wedding dress style or silhouette can be flattering for a curvy bride, and the styles above are simply suggestions for a great place to start at your first wedding dress fitting. Choosing the most flattering style all depends on how YOU feel when you are wearing a plus-size wedding dress. If you’re feeling gorgeous, confident, and ready for your walk down the aisle, then you know you’ve found the best plus-size wedding dress style for you!

Where to Buy Plus-Size Wedding Dresses Online

Wondering where to find sexy plus-size wedding dresses online? Or perhaps you’re looking for romantic, modern, or beach-ready plus styles online. Whatever your preferred style, you want to make sure that you can shop for plus-size wedding dresses online with confidence! Here are a few things to look for in an online wedding dress store when you’re shopping for plus sizes.

  • A Proper Range of Plus Sizes: Chances are, you’ve come across plenty of online listings for clothing that state “plus size” but the available sizes go no further than 18. When checking out a potential online wedding dress shop, see if they have a section dedicated just to plus-size wedding dresses. That’s the first good sign! From there, click into a few of the available styles to see which plus sizes are offered. For example, Avery Austin’s plus-size wedding dresses feature a variety of gorgeous styles with sizing up to 30!
  • No Extra Fees: A lot of bridal companies, online and in store, charge extra for plus sizes. This is due to the fact that additional fabric and embellishments are used on the plus-size wedding dresses in comparison to petite gowns. While those extra fees can be explained, it’s important to know that you don’t have to simply accept that and end up paying more for a plus-size wedding dress! Some online wedding dress stores, like Avery Austin, charge the exact same price for all available sizes a a style! That means whether you want a petite or plus-size wedding dress, the price of your chosen style won’t change as the size number goes up!
  • A Range of Price Points: Since not every bride is working with the same budget, it’s super helpful to shop for plus-size wedding dresses at online shops that offer gorgeous designs at prices that range from cheap to lavish. A quick way to check for pricing variety is to change up the filter for a page of plus-size wedding dresses. Try selecting an option for pricing low to high to check out the least expensive options, then switch the filter to pricing high to low so you can see the most expensive options. That will give you a quick peek at the pricing variety offered at the shop you’re exploring.
  • Flattering Style Variety: Not every curvy bride wants a strapless ball gown or long-sleeve a-line dress. You should be able to see many different styles, fabrics, and features when scrolling through a collection of plus-size wedding dresses. With everything from fit-and-flare to a-line, satin to lace, and strapless to sleeved, Avery Austin’s plus-size wedding dress collection offers flattering designs for every body type and bridal theme.
  • The Option to Try on at Home: An image on a computer screen and your measurements compared to a size chart will only get you so far. The best way to know for sure what plus-size wedding dress is most flattering for you is to try it on! That can get super expensive though if you have to outright purchase a dress, try it on, and then return it if it does not fit the way you wish (assuming the online shop even has a return policy, of course). Thankfully, some online bridal stores do offer the option to try plus-size wedding dresses before you buy them! Avery Austin’s Try at Home Program makes it affordable to try on up to three plus-size wedding dresses at a time, so brides can truly get the best style wedding dress for their plus-size curves.

Now that you know the best way to go about choosing a plus-size wedding dress, it’s time to experience the ease of shopping for the best plus-size wedding dresses online! Check out Avery Austin’s collection of plus-size wedding dresses for the most flattering and affordable designs that cater to more than one type of curvy bride.