A New Way To Shop Bridal Dresses Online: Try At Home

Have you heard all the buzz about try at home wedding dresses? That’s right! It’s possible to skip running around between boutiques to shop for bridal gowns, and Avery Austin features the best try at home wedding dresses through the Try at Home Program. Making wedding dress shopping simple, convenient, and enjoyable, Avery Austin’s Try at Home Program is all about helping you find your perfect wedding day looks with ease. Wondering how to try on wedding dresses at home through Avery Austin? First, let’s look at a quick overview of how Avery Austin’s Try at Home Program works, then we’ll dive into some pro tips on when you should start shopping and how to get the most out of the program.

How Does Avery Austin’s Try at Home Program Work?

Whether you’ve tried on gowns elsewhere or this is your first time, here are the basics on how to try on wedding dresses at home through Avery Austin’s program.

  1. Build Your Try at Home Box: To get started, all you have to do is choose 1-3 samples of our try at home wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses to be sent right to your doorstep. Each bridesmaid dress sample costs $10 to try on at home and each bridal gown costs $15 per sample, shipping included. As an extra bonus to the bride, she can apply the cost of her bridal dress samples (up to $45) to the purchase of her dream dress. It doesn’t get any better than that! If a bridal sample is not available in your preferred size or color, don’t fret! Your box will include clips to help you get the right fit for trying on (just like at a bridal boutique), and up to 3 swatches can be included, free of charge, so you can get a feel for other fabric and hues.
  2. Try on Your Samples: Once you receive your samples, invite your girls over to try on bridesmaid dresses at home or to see your choices when you try on wedding dresses at home. Enjoy trying on the gowns in the comfort and convenience of your own home with those nearest and dearest to you and get a feel for sizing and styles you all like best. Don’t forget the bubbly!
  3. Return Your Samples: After you’re done trying on wedding and bridesmaid dresses at home, be sure to return all of the gowns within seven days of receipt. Use the prepaid FedEx return label and drop them off at a local store near you.
  4. Order Your Dream Gown and Bridesmaid Dresses (or Build Your Next Box): Ready to say “I do” to your favorite style and wedding party dresses? Coordinate the purchasing of the bridesmaid dresses to make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of styles, colors, and sizes. After your dress samples have been returned, you’ll receive a discount code (up to $45) via email to apply to your bridal dress purchase (not applicable to bridesmaid dresses). Simply select your desired color and size of your chosen bridal gown, put in your code, and place your order! If you feel like you or your girls need to try a few more styles to find your dream wedding dress or the perfect bridesmaid dresses, you can build your next Try at Home Box. This time, you can choose other sizes or styles with the colors, styles, and features you liked best from the first box! Worried about getting lost down a rabbit hole of dresses? Check out tips on how to minimize dress fatigue by making the most of each try-on session or talk with one of our bridal specialists.

Still have a few questions about Avery Austin’s Try at Home Program? Check out all of the details and some of the most common FAQs about the Try at Home Program here.

How Early Should I Start Trying on Wedding Dresses at Home?

Although it would be the absolute best feeling if you discovered the perfect wedding dress in your very first Try at Home Box from Avery Austin, you’ll want to allow yourself plenty of time to order more than one box, just in case you need to explore a few more styles before choosing your dream dress. From start to finish, the Try at Home Program can take up to two weeks for one order, depending on how much time you spend with your samples. Here’s a breakdown of the timing for the program.

Things that Affect the Timing of Your Try at Home Experience:

  • Shipping: Available samples are in stock and ready to ship out shortly after your order is placed. This means that you’ll receive your Try at Home box within a matter of days!
  • Trying Your Samples: This is when the ball is in your court! You have seven days to try on your samples before they must be returned, so if you try them on the day you receive them, you’re ready to move onto the next step! If you wait until the last day (which you might have to if you’ve got a full schedule), then the process will take a little longer for you.
  • Dropping Off Your Return: This step is pretty quick and easy if you’ve got a local FedEx because then it’s a short trip to drop off your samples using the prepaid return label you’re provided! If FedEx isn’t local, you may need to travel a bit further to make your return.

Since trying on bridesmaid and wedding dresses at home through Avery Austin’s program can take one to two weeks, you should plan to start the process at least a month or two before you’ll need to order your chosen bridal gown. To make the most of your try-at-home experience, read on for some pro tips that can help you streamline the process.

Pro Tips for Using Avery Austin’s Try at Home Program

Whether you’re about to order your first Try at Home Box or you want to try another round of samples, check out the tips below before creating your box.

  • Consider Dress Silhouettes: The silhouette or style of a dress can be super flattering for different body types, so you’ll want to focus on the silhouettes that will look best on you. If you are unsure about which styles suit you, then you’ll want to make sure that you include different dress silhouettes to try on at home. You can also check out Avery Austin’s breakdown of the most common wedding dress styles to help you narrow your options. If you’ve already tried on a few silhouettes, then you have a better idea of which ones you like and which ones you wish to avoid and can apply that knowledge to your next box.
  • Consider Your Favorite Features: Fabric, sleeves, necklines, trains, back designs, pockets, embellishments and embroidery—there are so many features to explore! If this is your first chance to try on wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses at home, make sure your samples include different types of features so you can find your favorites. On the other hand, if you already know that there are certain features you love, then only get samples with those features. If you’re in love with satin, then why fight it? Just get dress samples in satin to try at home and focus on trying different necklines or sleeve types (and so on) instead.
  • Consider These Tips for Sizing: Because our sample bridesmaid and bridal dresses can accommodate a range of sizes, we include fitting clips in every order to secure your dress. Using the clips on a style that is too big will give you a chance to see what the right fit would look like and what the dress will look like in your true size. If the sample fits a little too snug, we recommend trying it on and leaving it unzipped in the back. That way, you can still determine if the dress style is the one for you. The idea is to see how it will look on you, how the fabric feels, and how each feature suits you. If you or your bridesmaids fall for a style from your Avery Austin Try at Home Box, there’s one more thing to keep in mind about sizing. The samples have been tried on by many brides and bridesmaids, so do not rely 100% on the way that specific sample fits each of you. These samples experience a natural stretch and loosening over time, so a sample size 6 might fit more like a brand new dress size 8. It’s most important that you take your own measurements and compare them to the size chart for your chosen bridesmaid or wedding dress before placing your order. Here’s a sizing guide video to help you!
  • Consider Buying a Sample: If you or your bridesmaids absolutely love one of the samples, especially the way it fits, know that you do have the option to purchase it! A lot of the try before you buy wedding dress and bridesmaid dress samples are still in great shape, so you can buy it at a discount. Before making that choice, be sure to carefully look over the entire gown for any defects. This kind of purchase is considered a final sale, so you want to be absolutely certain of your decision before you buy it.

As you’re probably starting to realize, Avery Austin’s Try at Home program is like bringing the store to your home, but you’ll never have to worry about long checkout lines, fitting rooms, or bad lighting. When it comes to shopping online for bridesmaid dresses or wedding dresses, the Try at Home Program is a stress-free, risk-free experience. With hundreds of gorgeous styles to choose from, the Avery Austin Try at Home program allows you to see, feel, and try on our gowns to ensure you will love the way you’ll look on the big day. Get up close and personal with various silhouettes, colors, and fabrics. Give our Try at Home program a try with wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses to bring your wedding vision to life.