White and Ivory Wedding Dresses

Shop ivory and white wedding dresses at Avery Austin to discover a variety of beautiful white and off-white hues. From eggshell, cream, and classic ivory to stark white, these wedding dresses come in plus sizes too.


Should Brides Wear White or Ivory Wedding Dresses?

If you are trying to decide between wearing a white wedding dress or an ivory wedding dress, the answer comes down to which color looks best with your complexion. When people casually talk about "white wedding dresses," they are often referring to a spectrum of white shades that range from bright white to more muted off-white hues. It's comparable to paint colors. If you want white, there are many, many shades of white, and each shade will look different depending on the lighting and other colors in the room! The same goes for wedding dresses and your complexion. True white wedding dresses are bright and stark, whereas ivory wedding dresses often blend a smidge of yellow or cream to mellow out the hue slightly. This blend of more warm tones is actually what makes ivory wedding dresses and other off-white wedding dress colors flattering on a much wider range of skin tones (especially pale or fair skin tones) than true white. Bright white wedding dresses really pop against darker skin tones but tend to wash out brides with a pale complexion.

So, when it comes down to choosing white wedding dress vs. ivory wedding dresses, consider which hue looks best on you. Not sure how each shade will measure up against your complexion? Consider trying some white and ivory wedding dresses on at home so you can compare. Check out Avery Austin’s Try at Home Program to see how you can choose up to three wedding dresses samples to try before you buy. There are many stunning off-white wedding dress samples available, including ivory wedding dresses in plus sizes. Explore the possibilities, then try on the different hues to find the best one for you! And don’t forget to take pictures of yourself in both natural and indoor lighting to get the best feel for how your chosen bridal hues work for you.