Off-the-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dresses by Avery Austin for an elegant and feminine bridal party look. In this collection, you will find bridesmaid dresses with off-the-shoulder straps, arm bands, or sleeves.


6 Reasons to Choose Off-the-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

With off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dresses trending, you might be wondering what makes them such a popular choice among the bridal crowd. A quick glance reveals the innate charm and sophistication of this style, but let’s take a closer look at six reasons to choose off-the-shoulder bridesmaid gowns.

Off-the-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses…

  1. Showcase the Décolletage: Putting your neckline, collarbone, and shoulders on full display, off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dresses provide a naturally elegant and graceful air. The height of femininity, this style is a must for a bridal party looking for a sophisticated or romantic vibe.
  2. Come in a Variety of Styles: The one thing that all gowns of this style have in common is the off-the-shoulder drape, but the type of strap or sleeve creates an almost endless number of chic variations to explore! Thin bands that wrap around the arms are the most common, but you can also find loose, flowing flutter sleeves or ruffles (usually supported by spaghetti straps). There are even bridesmaid dresses with off-the-shoulder long sleeves for an extra level of elegance.
  3. Flatter Most Figures: Off-the-shoulder bridesmaid gowns draw the eyes up to the neckline, providing a visually balanced look for those with fuller mid-sections or hips. The bared shoulder effect can also make slender or narrow shoulders appear broader.
  4. Suit Many Types of Weddings: Paired with different fabrics or features, the off-shoulder style is very versatile. For example, a lace bridesmaid dress with off-the-shoulder flutter sleeves has a very bohemian feel, while an off-the-shoulder mermaid bridesmaid dress in sleek satin has a modern edge. A vintage wedding might call for an off-the-shoulder fitted bridesmaid dress with lace embellishments, and a bridal party at a romantic wedding would be perfectly matched in unique off-one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses.
  5. Can Be Worn for Church Weddings: Although off-the-shoulder bridesmaid gowns have a bit of a sultry vibe thanks to the bare neckline and shoulders, they’re not too alluring for conservative settings. That makes this style the perfect compromise for a sexy wedding theme that starts with a traditional church wedding.
  6. Are Easily Accessorized: The bare neckline on off-shoulder bridesmaid dresses leaves an open canvas for any number of jewelry options. Dangling earrings won’t tangle in any fabric, and hair can be worn up or down without compromising the elegant effect of the free shoulders and neckline. When it comes to necklaces, you really can’t go wrong when it comes to length. Short or choker styles will keep the collar bone on full display, while long pendant styles beautifully drape onto off-shoulder bridesmaid gowns.

With so many advantages to wearing off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dresses, it’s easy to see why they’ve become so trendy for bridal parties. Now that you’ve been charmed by this classy style, shop Avery Austin’s collection of off-the-shoulder bridesmaid gowns above to discover a range of gorgeous designs fit for a variety of wedding themes.