Plus-Size Red Bridesmaid Dresses

Shop both light and dark red plus-size bridesmaid dresses at Avery Austin for flattering silhouettes, lavish fabrics, and chic features, all in fabulous shades of red. From burgundy and maroon to dusty rose and wine colors, explore all of the plus-size bridesmaid dresses available in red here, or select a circle color swatch below to only view the gowns available in your chosen hue.


Is Red a Good Color for Plus-Size Bridesmaid Dresses?

Red is a fantastic color for plus-size bridesmaid dresses! Available in a range of beautiful hues, like dusty rose, maroon, burgundy, scarlet, and ruby (to name a few), plus-size red bridesmaid dresses are bold, stunning, and versatile. Read on to learn four reasons why red is such a good color for plus-size bridesmaid dresses.

Plus-Size Red Bridesmaid Dresses…

  1. Flatter. There’s a red hue for everyone, so choosing plus-size bridesmaid dresses in red is the perfect way to flatter the whole bridal party. One way to approach this is to go for contrast. Pale skin tones work well with plus-size dark red bridesmaid dresses, while dark skin tones look great in light red plus-size gowns. Another option is to consider cool vs. warm skin tones. Cool skin tones should go for blue-toned reds, including many plus-size wine-colored bridesmaid dresses like merlot or claret, and warm skin tones can dive into reds with orange undertones, like gowns in coral or scarlet.
  2. Are Adaptable to Each Season. Think red can only be worn in winter for holiday themed weddings? Not so! While rich red hues are perfect against a snowy winter backdrop, there are many red hues that fit right in at weddings during other times of the year. Imagine plus-size dusty rose bridesmaid dresses as a soft, pale hue for spring or plus-size burgundy bridesmaid dresses for a deep fall shade. Plus-Size ruby or wine red bridesmaid dresses look gorgeous against a summery green backdrop for a garden wedding, but still pops beautifully against the sandy background of a destination wedding.
  3. Contrast White Wedding Dresses Beautifully. Just imagine how picture-perfect it would be to have the bride in a white wedding gown standing in front of her bridal party wearing plus-size bridesmaid dresses in red. The bride becomes the focal point immediately, whether her ladies are dressed in light or dark red.
  4. Are Lucky! Whether you believe in luck or not, many cultures feel the color red is a very auspicious hue, so this idea has been adopted by brides around the world who either wear red themselves or choose red bridesmaid gowns for her wedding party. And really, who wouldn’t enjoy having a little extra luck on their big day? Surrounded by her favorite people decked out in plus-size red bridesmaid dresses, a bride is sure to feel lots of luck (and love)!

Whatever your reason for seeing red (in all the best ways) this wedding season, Avery Austin’s collection of plus-size bridesmaid dresses in red features a range of gorgeous hues fit for every bridal party. Explore all of the beautiful designs above to discover the plus-size red bridesmaid dresses that suit you best.