Plus-Size V-Neck Wedding Dresses

Shop the plus-size v-neck wedding dresses at Avery Austin for a beautiful array of both modest and sexy styles. Whether you crave a dramatic plunging neckline or one with a subtle dip, this collection of plus-size v-neck wedding gowns has a variety of styles that are sure to please.


3 Reasons to Wear a Plus-Size V-Neck Wedding Dress

Wondering if a plus-size v-neck bridal gown is right for you? V-necklines are naturally flattering and add in at least a little bit (sometimes a lot) of sultry flair. If you’re considering this style for your big day, consider these three reasons to go for a plus-size wedding dress with a v-neckline.

Plus-Size V-Neck Wedding Dresses Offer…

  1. The Illusion of Height: The vertical shape of a v-neckline makes your guests’ eyes go up and down as they follow the V. This motion visually provides you with a longer, taller look. This little design perk makes plus-size v-neck bridal dresses a favorite of short brides.
  2. A Slenderizing Look: Remember that vertical motion from the last point? There’s more to the visual effect than just height. As eyes are drawn up to face, attention is drawn away from broad shoulders, your neck is visually elongated, and your body looks slimmer. If you’re looking for a style with a slenderizing design, a plus-size v-neck wedding gown is the way to go!
  3. A Sexy Design: Often the first thought connected to v-necklines is “cleavage.” The dip of the v-neckline can show a little or a lot of your cleavage, so you can choose just how sexy you want your wedding day look to be! You could go for a plus-size v-neck bridal gown with just a hint of cleavage, a plus-size deep-v-neck wedding dress for a moderate level of allure, or a plus-size plunging-neckline wedding dress that dives down to your waistline for the sexiest design.

Providing height, slenderizing appeal, and sultry appeal, plus-size v-neck wedding dresses are hard to resist. So don’t! Whether you prefer a modest or sexy v-neckline, explore Avery Austin’s collection of plus-size wedding dresses with v-necklines to discover a style that flatters you.