Strapless Wedding Dresses

Shop Avery Austin’s collection of strapless wedding dresses that offer a range of styles from fun and flirty to classy and sophisticated. Among these strapless bridal dresses, you will find styles with timeless silhouettes, beautiful fabrics, and stunning details.


Why are Strapless Wedding Dresses Popular?

Wondering why people like strapless wedding dresses so much? Strapless wedding dresses have been popular since the late ‘90s for a variety of reasons. Here are the top three reasons that strapless wedding gowns continue to be bridal favorites:

  1. Balance: Since bridal gowns typically feature long skirts, sometimes even ball-gowns style, having a strapless neckline on your wedding dress can balance out the visual heaviness of the bottom layers of fabric. The clear neckline and shoulders provided by a strapless wedding gown draw the eyes upward from the eye-catching skirt design so guests can focus on your face too.
  2. Bold and Youthful: While traditional styles with sleeves can sometimes feel older or conservative, strapless bridal gowns naturally feel more young and edgy thanks to the bare neckline. That’s not to say that strapless wedding dresses can’t have sleeves! There are dramatic and stunning designs trending that include off-the-shoulder sheer sleeves, keeping the strapless wedding gown modern.
  3. Flattering: Strapless bridal dresses draw attention to your face, accentuate the bust area by highlighting your décolletage, and work with the neckline shape to create a beautiful silhouette. There are strapless fitted wedding dresses with mermaid silhouettes to show off all of your curves or a-line strapless wedding dresses that are universally flattering, no matter your body type.

Whether you go entirely sleeveless or opt for a strapless wedding dress with sleeves that sit just off the shoulders, you’re sure to love the way these gowns accentuate the collarbones and flatter your figure. Discover your dream strapless bridal gown above in Avery Austin’s collection of wedding dresses with strapless necklines.